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Cork yoga mats

You don’t have to scroll far on social media to see how popular and photogenic cork yoga mats are. Cork mats have a modern, minimal aesthetic and eco-friendly appeal that is perfect for sharing online.

The Mindful Mat works with businesses to create custom printed cork yoga mats, perfect for promotional products or gifts. Create a range of cork yoga mats featuring your brand design or logo.

Cork yoga mats, with a twist

We’ve designed a unique cork mat technology that makes our mats a little different.

While most cork mats grip well when wet, they can be relatively slippery when dry. Other brands suggest customers wet the mat before use. Lying on a wet mat just didn’t feel right, so we went in search of a better solution.

And we found it.

Our cork yoga mat features a unique coating. The delicate texture enhances grip when dry and eliminates the need for added moisture.

Tried and tested by yogis, our cork yoga mats are the perfect combination of style, comfort and quality.

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Three reasons to love our cork wholesale yoga mats

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Natural, minimalist aesthetic

Keep your brand front-of-mind, with a yoga mat that demands attention. The Mindful Mat cork yoga mat is beautifully designed—the perfect prop for posting pics online. Make your clients the envy of all their social media followers.

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Durable for outdoor use

Our cork yoga mats are made to be used. They can go wherever your clients go, from the park to the beach and beyond. Cork is a naturally durable and resilient material that is water and heat resistant. Plus it’s easy to clean. Just brush it off, and when necessary, spritz and wipe.

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Quality printed finish

The Mindful Mat cork yoga mats feature a unique coating that seals the surface against contaminants and marks. While other cork mats can stain or chip, our mats have extra protection, so you can be confident they’ll be used for years to come.

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See our cork yoga mat features

Creating custom printed products is our thing

We’re experts in design and printing. Our designers can help you achieve the look you want, whether it’s a simple logo or something more elaborate.

Our mats look great every time you roll them out. We use quality, water-based inks that won’t fade with time or use.

All our prints are:

We print every mat to order in our Brisbane studio. Our design team inspect the quality of each one to check it meets our strict standards before shipping.

Ready to create a custom printed yoga product?

Talk to one of our experienced designers about how custom printed yoga mats and accessories can add value to your brand and customer experience.

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